Hill Country Funk : Winter Exhibition

New artwork by Doug Naugle, Joanne M Ehly + Marilyn Rea Nasky

Music and dance enrich and contextualize the experience of viewing the visual arts, while the visual arts enrich and contextualize the soul and rhythms of music. Funk music blends soul music, jazz and R&B into a strong rhythmic, danceable groove with tribal influences. Hill Country Funk art blends complex rhythms and earthy themes; soulful expression and colorful groove: the essence of contemporary Texas Hill Country life.  Pleasing both senses with art and music can maximize the design experience, and if this theory isn't convincing, try going to a gallery with this mix and see if you aren't intrigued.  To the rhythmic beat of Funk music, Hill Design + Gallery presented new work by exemplary artists Doug Naugle, Joanne M Ehly, and Marilyn Rea Nasky at the Hill Country Funk opening artist reception on Saturday January 21st from 6-9 PM, with the exhibition lasting from January 21st through March 31st.

Doug Naugle demonstrated his quick skill at color blending and strong line articulation by squirting acrylic paint from ketchup bottles onto his canvas.  By manipulating the canvas up and down, Naugle allowed the paint to slide down the canvas creating its natural linear pattern.  After some drying time, Naugle will go back into the painting with a small brush to add many tiny details while preserving the original linear quality of the piece.  Joni Ehly demonstrated her papermaking techniques, from pulp to press.  As a skilled and experienced lecturer, Ehly's presentation was particularly informative and unique.  The viewers learned about many of the different qualities of paper, the types of materials involved in the process, as well as different techniques such as embossing and weaving and applying color.

The reception was well-attended by local Georgetown residents as well as Austin art enthusiasts.  It was an exciting and fun evening with the pleasant blend of art and music, simple food and wine, artists and collectors...all in a friendly, upscale environment.