Hyunsuk Erickson : Spring Solo Exhibition

Upon entering the gallery, guests of Hyunsuk Erickson's Solo Exhibition Opening Reception at Hill Design + Gallery were immediately drawn to the 20 foot by 10 foot rock wall that Erickson has transformed into an artful masterpiece.  Organic shapes of wood, metal, cork and melted plastic jugs appear as if they are growing out of the rocks.  Unexpected materials such as nails, fabric, needles and pottery shards accentuate each shape and encourage the viewer to take time to study the intricate details.  As Southwestern University student musicians offered up some jazzy tunes at the opening, guests made their way through the vaulted gallery space filled with Erickson's bold and brightly colorful pieces.  With wood as her canvas, the artist paints, gouges and burns the surfaces to create her artwork.  Careful study of each piece reveals the amazing ingenuity of Erickson's choice of materials.  The viewer may discover pieces of socks stuffed and nailed into bolts, denim and window screen material fastened together with safety pins, or preserved plants and coca-cola cans.  Though the materials the artist uses to create her artwork are unconventional, each art piece demonstrates a well-executed and sophisticated composition.